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Website Design: Perception is Reality

You only have one chance to make a first impression. On average, viewers will give your site less than 8 seconds to determine whether you have something to offer them or not. Clean design, an intuitive navigational structure, and meaningful, well-written content will increase your chances of success dramatically.

It is important to keep this in mind when you select a development firm to establish your web presence. Your website should be one of your most important assets, and successful web development requires more than manipulating one of the "boxed web design" programs on the market today. An inexperienced designer will not have the support or training necessary to guide you through the various hurdles you will face in turning your design into a profitable site. This could end up costing you business and harming your company's reputation. Buffalo Web's success over the years is driven by our experience in all facets of web development, from concept and design through content management and search engine optimization.

  • Validated, Standards-Compliant Design:  Visitors to your site will be using a variety of different browser platforms, and every browser will interpret the programming code behind your page differently. That's why every page we design is checked for compatibility with both current and archived versions of AOL, Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera browser platforms. Our validation represents over 98% of all browser platforms in use today. We also validate our sites for XHTML 1.0 compliance to ensure compatibility with future browser versions.

  • Search Engine Optimization:  One of the most important issues you will face in achieving a profitable web presence is obtaining listings with the critical search engines in order to generate traffic to your site. We have served in a variety of capacities with the major search result providers - we know what works and what doesn't, and can help you understand the myths and realities of search engine placement techniques and technology.

  • Content Management:  Our SitePro maintenance program allows you to login to your site and update your content or photos on the fly, from anywhere in the world. Editing your page from within SitePro is easy - users with even the most basic familiarity with programs such as Microsoft Word can use it - yet it protects the basic design layout, graphics and menu structure of your site from unintentional changes.

  • Reputation and Service:  At Buffalo Web Services, we recognize the importance of representing your company's image on the internet for all the world to see. Whether it is client education, on-line inquiry forms, virtual tours, or real-time eCommerce solutions, we will design a site that fits your needs. We have developed hundreds of sites, many of them winning national and international awards for their compatibility across platforms, novel programming, aesthetic qualities and ease-of-use. We know that our reputation and success depends upon our ability to make you happy and successful, and we live by that every day! If you'd like to speak to some of our satisfied clients for yourself, just let us know and we'd be happy to put you in touch.

  • Advanced Design Features:  DHTML, Flash, and Javascript can be utilized to add a variety of browser-specific enhancements such as site search engines, bookmarking scripts, dynamic menu navigation, mouseover effects, and more. Other elements we can incorporate into your page design include forms, guestbooks, automatic language translators, sounds, animated gif images, and banner designs.

Please with any other questions you might have, or call us at 716-834-9198.